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 Alternative Therapies - a Particular Strength of the German Healthcare System
 Germany has a worldwide reputation for its openness to alternative approaches and for the wide range of alternative therapies available here. Some of these therapies have evolved in Germany, like homeopathy, the Kneipp method, isopathy, Manfred von Ardenne's oxygen therapy etc. In other cases you will find that therapies developed somewhere else in the world are represented a very large number of well educated and experienced practitioners in Germany. For example you will find very high numbers of therapists for the following therapies in Germany: acupressure and acupuncture, Alexander method, Eutony, Feldenkrais method, Kinesiology, reflexology, Rolfing, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Some people say that outside of India and its neighbouring countries Germany has the best Ayurvedic therapists. Germany has a very large number of so called "Heilpraktiker" (health practitioners) who usually specialise in some kinds of alternative approaches, but also there are many thousands of "regular" doctors who possess a good knowledge of alternative and natural therapies and use them in their work.
 Please be aware that German Medicine Net will not recommend such therapies unless you request them and there is a strong possibility that other treatments options might not help. The responsibility for choosing a certain treatment remains with the patient in the end. We will assist to our best knowledge with this.
 German Medicine Net Will Identify Therapists for the Following Alternative Methods (and others upon request) for you
 Ayurveda: This ancient Indian method can provide a completely new approach to numerous diseases
 Feldenkrais Method: This gentle method can sometimes help people to regain their feeling of balance and bring relief for muscular tensions and unbalanced posture
 Health Kinesiology (TM): This method can sometimes bring relief in cases of allergies that have been found as otherwise untreatable or have only been suppressed by string medication. Also it seems to help with phobias and psychological imbalances in some cases.
 Homeopathy: This renowned method sometimes seems to help with cases where other treatments options have failed
 NAET method: NAET stands for "Nambudribad's Allergy Elimination Techniqes". It is a method developed by California based Dr. Mabudribad using kinesiology, acupressure, acupuncture and other approaches to neutralise allergies. It is reported to have helped many people.
 Neural Therapy: Gentle low dose injections of local anaesthetic procaine supposed to "reprogram" or "de-disturb" the autonomic nervous system, increase blood flow to diseased or painful areas, change certain body reactions and pathways of pain. Swiss insurance institutions are currently funding a multimillion study to decide if they should reimburse patients for thies treatment in the future to reduce expenses. Is claimed by practicians to be a causal therapy and often, but not always very helpful for abortus imminens, allergies (including hayfever), all kinds of arthrosis (including cox arthrosis and gonarthrosis), asthma bronchiale, all kinds of back pain (including lumbalgia and sciatica), cholecystitis, climacteric problems, cystitis, atypical facial pain, fertility problems, gastritis, all kinds of headaches (including Migraine) hepatits (all kinds) middle ear problems, pancreatitis, pyelonephritis, sinus problems, chronic tonsil problems, vertigo
 Rolfing: This is a kind of deep massage that will work on deep layers of muscles and tissue. It is possible that this massage will help with back pains, sciatica, disk trouble, postural problems etc.
 Spiritual Healing Approaches: based on reconnecting suffering human beings with higher or wider realms of the universe, their God or their Gods, cycles of nature etc. These approaches will sometimes lead to surprising "miracles". These can be cures or completely new understandings of disease, healing, dying, the meaning of life etc.
 TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine: Based on ancient Chinese knowledge of herbs and the body's energetic system this method can provide new approaches to many diseases
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