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Cancer / Tumor / Tumour Treatment Abroad in Hospital in Germany
 Conventional and Alternative Cancer and Tumour Treatment Options in Germany:
 The German health system offers a wide range of tumour therapy approaches (ranging from highly qualified and specialised surgery to state of the art modern technologies to a range of biological methods). German Medicine Net aims to identify the kind of therapist for you that might be appropriate in addressing your medical problem. Each case will be considered individually, we always consider carefully which hospital we recommend in which case. Not all the hospitals or doctors we work with are described on this website as there is such a variety of approaches.
 Options for Colorectal Tumour Treatment:
 deep anterior resection of rectum tumours (preserves continence)
 intersphincter resection (preserves continence)
 formation of colo-anal pouches (preserves continence)
 Options for Liver Tumour Treatment:
 surgery in some of the best German tumour centres
 High Frequency Induced Thermotherapy
 Laser Light Therapy for Liver Metastases
 Photodynamic Therapy
 Regional Chemotherapy
 Therapy with Enzymes and Vitamins
 various holistic and biological methods
 Leukaemia Treatment
 various chemotherapeutical approaches
 stem cell transplant from bone marrow (after identification of suitable donor)
 new method: purified stem cell transplant from family members - no external donor necessary
 This section of our website will be continuously expanded whilst we are researching promising therapy approaches for various types of tumours
 Please contact us if you wish us to identify a suitable treatment centre for you: Email