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International Price Comparison
Prices for Treatment and Ooerations in Germany
 Important: Costs for Services of German Medicine Net:
 We endeavour to always find a good solution for everyone who requests our services, choosing a highly invidualised approach to their preferences and medical requirements. In many cases this means time-intensive research to find a suitable hospital or medical specialist. We spend many hours finding therapists with the highest qualifications and experience for various challenging medical conditions. We regret that we cannot always offer these services for free, to avoid compromising our highly individualised service. Please be aware that the costs for our research might be minor compared to the advantages you may enjoy by finding the right surgeon or hospital through us or by getting assistance in finding a hospital that offers good quality at reasonable prices. These are the fees for our services:
 Important change of policy: Dear friends, dear patients, dear patients' relatives and all other people looking for information on these webpages. For many years we had an extremely high and ever-increasing workload with answering literally thousands of email requests for information (which in the majority of cases did not lead to an actual visit of a patient to Germany). This led to a situation where the costs of answering all the requests became much higher than the actual revenue for our organisation from the patients who actually come. Therefore we felt forced to change our policy of giving detailed and free answers by email (often sending out information packs by the post, as well). We now charge 200 Euros + 19,6% of VAT = 239,60 Euros before we go forward with detailed communications on a particular case. For this money we will submit your medical records to a specialist and ask for an opinion and a definite quote for you. This sum will be refunded if treatment in Germany then goes forward. We expect that this will enable us to concentrate even more than before on the patients who actually have a clear intention of coming to Germany and focus entirely on giving these patients the best possibly service. We ask you to please understand our situation.
 Wishing you the very best
 Hans Finck (Managing Director of German Medicine Net GmbH)
 rough quote for standard operations: please refer to the menu on the left hand side of this page to get prices for many standard operations (the prices there are usually all-inclusive and you may usually disregard most of the fees below apart from fees for visa applications).
 research and identification of a suitable medical institution or specialist (who you then can contact on your own): 200 EUR + VAT
 letter of invitation/visa application for patients and accompanying persons to be submitted to German embassy: 500 EUR + VAT
 getting detailed quote for treatment in a certain hospital or clinic on the basis of X-rays, other images and medical reports submitted by you (refunded if treatment goes ahead later): 200 EUR + VAT
 arranging a detailed "second opinion" in English language on the basis of medical documents transmitted by email, fax, email or courier: usually 300 EUR + VAT, sometimes higher if highly specialised experts or several doctors need to be consulted
 arranging appointment for preliminary investigations: 400 EUR + VAT
 arranging day case surgery: 600 EUR + VAT
 complete arrangements for an extensive course of medical treatment in Germany: 1000 EUR + VAT
 ongoing arrangement of medium- or long-term medical treatment in Germany (arranging further appointments with new doctors etc): 750 EUR/month starting from second month of stay + VAT
 Costs for services of German doctors and hospitals compare favourably to those in many other industrialised countries. For many procedures we have standard prices (including standard logistical organisation, e.g. making appointments, organising your travel and accommodation etc.) In some cases or where you do not find your condition in the standard price lists (see menu on your left) price estimates or binding quotes will be made when we have detailed informations about your situation and your requirements. The costs for treatment etc. will usually have to be paid by you or sometimes through a reliable arrangement with your insurer.
 Costs for a given type of operation can vary a lot depending on the surgery being done in an in-patient or an out-patient facility. Whilst in-patient treatment in a hospital is in many cases absolutely necessary (especially with major operations) and offers the advantage of 24 hour care, treatment in out-patient facilities can be an interesting alternative costwise and timewise for certain smaller limited surgical procedures.
 If you wish to use our service as a patient we will take care of all arrangements:
 Finding a doctor or a hospital
 getting a quote for you
 communications with your own doctor
 making appointments
 hotel reservation
 research of suitable travel facilities
 journey planning
 payment (prepayment on a secure interim account) etc.
 These services are all included in our standard prices. This already includes the fee for a detailed quote and the fee for finding a suitable facility. If you have a particular German hospital or doctor in mind who you want to be treated by we will try and arrange this for you even if they are not yet members of German Medicine Net. In such cases sometimes different (slightly higher) prices may apply.
 Additional Services like translations, interpreters, individual reception at airport, patient transport etc. will be billed according to the actual volume of the respective services.
 For public or private health insurance institutions who may wish to regularly send patients with certain complaints to Germany, special rates will apply
 Patients from outside the European Union will often face fairly restrictive conditions for visa applications. German Medicine Net will support them in this process. Often German embassies will require them to prove they have made a full or at least a partial prepayment to German Medicine Net or to the German hospital of their choice.
 If you are a patient or acting on behalf of a patient and wish to contact us please use this Email