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Bone Rebuilding
Crowns Ceramic
Crowns Gold
Crowns Porcelain / Gold
Crowns Porcelain / Metal
Crown Zirconia
CT Scan Dental
Dentures Ceramic Arch
Dentures on Implants
Filling Photo Composite
Sinus Lift
Implant W/O Crown
Implant incl. Crown
Instant Implant
Inlay / Onlay Ceramic
Inlay / Onlay Gold
Panoramic X-Ray
Jewels in Teeth
Plaque Removal
Prosthesis (Partial)
Root Canal Treatment
Tooth Extraction Complicated
Tooth Extraction Simple
Veneers (Porcelain)
Whitening Bleaching Trays
Whitening Britesmile
Whitening Laser
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 The form you find at the bottom of this page is based on a service from in conjunction with an association of "German Dentists for Affordable Dental Repair" (Arbeitsgemeinschaft bezahlbarer Zahnersatz) aiming at making good quality dental work available to all those who have limited insurance cover or cannot afford expensive treatment. All members of this association have agreed to a special code of practise. Only German dental lab companies are used to assure a satisfactory degree of product guarantees and safety for the patient. The materials used for crowns, bridges etc. are either produced in Germany (more details from phone hotline of Zahnzentrum Lübeck: 0800 - 790 70 41), or abroad for further reduction of costs (more details from proDentum Zahntechnik's Patients' Phone Hotline: 0800 - 46 900 80). All quality standards of German laws and regulations regarding medical products are guaranteed.

If you decide to enter your details into and submit the form below you will be contacted either by 1 or - if you are prepared to consider crowns, bridges etc. made outside of Germany - 2 dentists in the post code area you enter. German Medicine Net has no influence on the selection of these dentists and therefore will not be responsible for their work or their contact to you. All the contacts are aranged through Zahnzentrum Lübeck GmbH (for German-made dental products) aund proDentum Dentaltechnik GmbH Berlin (for dental products made abroad) Please direct any questions you might have to the hotlines of these two companies (see first paragraph)