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Overview Medical Specialties

 Price Comparison by Procedure:

Bone Rebuilding
Crowns Ceramic
Crowns Gold
Crowns Porcelain / Gold
Crowns Porcelain / Metal
Crown Zirconia
CT Scan Dental
Dentures Ceramic Arch
Dentures on Implants
Filling Photo Composite
Sinus Lift
Implant W/O Crown
Implant incl. Crown
Instant Implant
Inlay / Onlay Ceramic
Inlay / Onlay Gold
Panoramic X-Ray
Jewels in Teeth
Plaque Removal
Prosthesis (Partial)
Root Canal Treatment
Tooth Extraction Complicated
Tooth Extraction Simple
Veneers Porcelain
Whitening Bleaching Trays
Whitening Britesmile
Whitening Laser
Price Comparison Dentists - Compare Prices for a Dental CT Scan
 Compare Prices for Dentists - Price Comparison Dental CT Scan (Computertomography)
 Compare the prices of your own dentist with dentists worldwide. Click here for an international price comparison of a Dental CT Scan.
 To compare other dental treatment procedures please click on the respective item in the left hand menu.