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Overview Medical Specialties

 Price Comparison by Procedure:

Bone Rebuilding
Crowns Ceramic
Crowns Gold
Crowns Porcelain / Gold
Crowns Porcelain / Metal
Crown Zirconia
CT Scan Dental
Dentures Ceramic Arch
Dentures on Implants
Filling Photo Composite
Sinus Lift
Implant W/O Crown
Implant incl. Crown
Instant Implant
Inlay / Onlay Ceramic
Inlay / Onlay Gold
Panoramic X-Ray
Jewels in Teeth
Plaque Removal
Prosthesis (Partial)
Root Canal Treatment
Tooth Extraction Complicated
Tooth Extraction Simple
Veneers Porcelain
Whitening Bleaching Trays
Whitening Britesmile
Whitening Laser
Price Comparison Dentists - Compare Prices for Veneers (Porcelain)
 Compare Prices for Dentists - Price Comparison Porcelain Veneers
 Compare the prices of your own dentist with dentists worldwide. Click here for an international price comparison of Porcelain Veneer.
 To compare other dental treatment procedures please click on the respective item in the left hand menu.