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German Doctors
 Recruitment of German Doctors:
 German Medicine has been successfully recruiting German doctors for foreign hospitals since 2001. Please contact us if you require German doctors for your hospital or medical centre. We also have a lagre database of well-educated French doctors looking for positions abroad
 Treatment by German Doctors
 This is what German doctors have to offer:
 High standard of qualification
 Thorough education
 High density of general doctors and specialised doctors (there will almost always be a local expert for your complaints)
 Appointments at short notice, almost no waiting times
 Excellent in-house medical equipment
 A well co-ordinated system of doctors and consultants who co-operate with each other and with hospitals. If a doctor's surgery does not feature a certain diagnostic tool that is required in your case, there will in most cases be a competent consultant nearby who you will be transferred to at short notice