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Overview Expat Health Insurance
Health Insurance in Germany
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Long-term Expat Health Insurance Worldwide PRIVATE PREMIUM
 Long-term EXPAT Health Insurance PRIVATE PREMIUM for comprehensive cover
 Insurance cover for private individuals
 Worldwide vadility
 The maximum insurable age is 66 years
 The insurance cover may be terminated any time. In this case the insurance cover ceases at the end of the month following the month in which the notice of termination has been submitted to the policy holder.
 Outpatient Treatment: 100%
 Inpatient Treatment: 100%, Worldwide accommodation as a private patient in a single room
 Pharmaceuticals and Materials: 100%
 Dental Treatment: 100%
 Tooth Replacement: 90% of the tooth scale limits after the expiry of waiting periods
 Outpatient medical check-up for the early recognition of cancer: 100%
 General medical check-ups with a limit of up to € 300 per year
 Travel Vaccinations: Limit of 250 Euro per policy duration
 Maternity and Childbirth: 100%
 Medical Aids in simple form and repair costs: 80% up to 2,000 Euro per year
 Normal Prescribed Glasses and Contact Lenses: 600 Euro every three years after a waiting period of 12 months
 Psychotherapy: 80% on outpatient trauma treatment with a limit of 2,000 Euro per year
 Local Ambulance: 100%
 Medical Evacuation for up to 250,000 Euro per claim
 Repatriation of mortal remains up to 10,000 Euro
 Long Term Health Insurance PRIVATE PREMIUM (including treatment as a private patient) 195 Euros/month for children of up to 12 years (560 Euros if Canada and the US are to be included), 260 Euros/month for persons from 13 to 49 years (680 if Canada and the US are to be included), 290 Euros/month for people from 50 years upwards (1020 if Canada and the US are to be included) duration unlimited up to the age of 66 years. Treatment in home country is included.
 Medical conditions which arose or existed prior to the insurance cover or during the waiting period
 Rehabilitation and Stays in Spas or Cure Centers
 Infertility Treatment and all related check-ups
 Immunisation Treatments
 Treatment of illnesses related to drug abuse and rehabilitation
 Please click here to apply online for PRIVATE PREMIUM.