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 Finding the right doctor or hospital in the German Medicine Net database
 1. If you are not very experienced with computers and internet browsing you may consider printing this help page on your printer to have it ready whilst browsing the database.
 2. Choose the required language on the first page of the website (available so far: English and German).
 3. Depending on if you are looking for a doctor or a hospital, choose "German Doctors" or "German Hospitals" in the left menu.
 4. Then choose "Search for the right doctor" or "Search for the right hospital" in the left menu.
 5.Limit your search according to the available criteria - the most important criteria usually being "Medical Specialisation". Then start your search by clicking on the search button. Please read on under 9.
 6. Alternative Procedure: If you do not know which specialisation to search for, find out which medical consultant might be particular capable to deal with your complaints. For this please use our online help function "Which Consultant for Which Complaint?" in the left menu. Please enter your complaint and disease and see which German consultant would be suitable.
 7. Then next to the search result under "medical specialisation" either click on the symbol of the doctor's head to find a suitable doctor or on the symbol of the hospital building to find a suitable hospital.
 8. Further limit your search by names, postal codes, distance to airports etc.
 9. Under "Search Results" click on the bold names of doctors' surgeries or hospitals to read general informations about doctors or hospitals
 10. Click at the bottom of the page for more detailed informations (including therapeutic specialties) about the doctor or hospital you are looking at.
 11. If you feel you need more information ask a therapist from your own country to help you enter the pass word protected 3. Level of the database where you will find even more details about special therapies, special equipment and therapeutical specialisations of the doctor or hospital. This is partiularly important if you are looking for a very special diagnostical or therapeutical method or if because of the nature of your complaint you need to find a highly specialised therapist.
 12. Bookmark interesting doctors or hospitals in your browser.
 13. Make a note of the contact details of the doctors or hospitals you find interesting. Or print out these details.
 14. Contact the doctor or hospital directly or ask German Medicine Net for assistance.
 If you are a patient or acting on behalf of a patient and wish to contact us please use this Email