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Buying Medicine from a Pharmacy in Germany
 Most prescriptions and other medication are available at very short notice (usually 4 to 12 hours) through any German pharmacy due to the perfect delivery system of the pharmaceutical wholesalers.
 Costs compare favourably with those of some other industrialised countries, but are higher than in various other European countries.
 To save costs you should try to buy medication from the large variety of generics available in Germany, e.g. medication that contains the same ingredients as some well known brand medication from a higher price range.
 Pharmacies often accept payment via credit card (above all Visa and Mastercard)
 To ensure that you get an efficient service for all your requests for medication from Germany we co-operate with two renowned German pharmacies: METROPOLITAN PHARMACY FRANKFURT and METROPOLITAN PHARMACY MUNICH. Both are situated at big international airports and will be able to assist you when travelling through these airports. Deliveries to foreign countries are handled through the Frankfurt pharmacy. In the unlikely event you have any requests that these pharmacies are unable to handle please contact us and we will try to find another solution.
 Adress of METROPOLITAN PHARMACY FRANKFURT: Apotheke am internationalen Flughafen Frankfurt, Terminal 1/B, Level 2, D-60549 Frankfurt a.M., Germany, Phone: +49 (0)69/69 58 07-0, Fax: +49 (0)69/69 58 07-16, email:
 Adress of METROPOLITAN PHARMACY MUNICH: Apotheke am internationalen Flughafen München, Central Area, Level 03, D-85356 München, Germany, Phone +49 (0)89/97 59 29 50, Fax: +49 (0)89/97 59 29 56
Frankfurt pharmacist Dr. Fuessl
Metpharmacy Munich