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Dental Treatment Abroad by Dentist in Germany
 Prices for the Dental Treatment in Germany
 German Medicine Net co-operates with a number of German dentists and dental laboratories that strive to offer good quality services to German patients whilst keeping costs at an affordable level. Please note that the prices you find here are definitely below average price levels for private dental treatment in Germany (please understand that as a foreign patient you usually fall under the category "private patient"). The following price list will give you an idea of what prices to expect. If you come to see one of the dentists we work with you will be examined and receive a detailed, written estimate for your own peace of mind.
 PRICES for common dental treatments
 Consultation and Examination: 150 Euros for panoramic X-ray and in-depth consultation and discussion of options. This amount will usually be reimbursed provided you proceed to have the treatment
 X-Ray - Panoramic: 50 Euros
 CT- SCAN: 150 Euros
 Professional Cleanings incl. Air-Flow: from 60 Euros
 Tooth Whitening – BriteSmile: 495 Euros
 Composite Fillings: upon individual examination
 Extraction: upon individual examination
 Root Canal Treatment: from 150 Euros
 Porcelain Veneer: 600 Euros
 Ceramic Inlay: from 290 Euros
 Porcelain Crown: from 600 Euros
 Crown - Porcelain fused to non-precious alloy: 400 Euros
 Crown - Porcelain Fused to Gold: 500 Euros
 Crown - Zirkonium ZiO² Metal-Free Crown: 500 Euros
 Bridges: upon individual examination
 Dentures with ceramic teeth/arch: from 800 Euros
 Gnathological Treatment: from 200 Euros
 Conscious Sedation: 350 Euros
 General Anaesthesia:500 Euros
 Camlog Implants incl. surgery: from 800 Euros
 2 x Camlog:1500 Euros
 4 x Camlog:2400 Euros
 6 x Camlog:3600 Euros
 8 x Camlog:4400 Euros
 10 x Camlog:5000 Euros
 One day Implants – Z-Systems incl. surgery (You come without and leave with a smile): upon individual examination
 Augmentation – Bonegrafting - simultaneous: 500 Euros
 Augmentation – Bonegrafting – separate operation: 900 Euros
 Sinus Lifting: 900 Euros
 If you are a patient or acting on behalf of a patient and wish to contact us please use this Email