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Acupuncture for Macula Degeneration
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Eye Treatment and Surgery Abroad in Hospital in Germany
 Prices for the most frequent eye operations
 Disclaimer: The following prices are presented to give you a clear and (almost) definite idea of the costs you would be facing if you decide to have an operation or other medical treatment done in Germany. They are based on the assumption that there will be no serious complications and that there are no serious risk factors involved (e.g. extreme obesity, underlying other diseases, very old age etc.) that might create additional potentially costly challenges for the German doctors and hospitals. Prices do include our organisational fees, but they do not cover travel expenses, costs for hotels, costs for hiring translators etc. Please note that not all of our German partners will be able to offer these prices, which is why all price quotations should be regarded as "starting from". If you decide to go to one particular hospital, we will first confirm if it is able to perform the required procedure at the quoted price.
 This price list is currently under preparation. Further quotes will be available shortly.
 Cataract Extraction and Lens Implant (Local Anaesthesia): 1300 Euros
 same with implant of special high quality accommodating lens for superior vision (new method, mid term results promising): 1500 Euros
 Cataract Extraction and Lens Implant (General Anaesthesia): 1500 Euros
 same with implant of special high quality accommodating lens for superior vision (new method, mid term results promising): 1750 Euros
 Simple Vitrectomy: from 1300 Euros (in case of diabetes: 3500-5000 Euros depending on complications, type of anaesthesia etc.)
 Pneumatic Retinopexy (simple gas injection): 2000 Euros
 "Buckling" Surgery - encircling band, segmental sponge without vitrectomy 1800 Euros
 Vitrectomy for removal of vitreous opacities, silicone oil or of premacular membranes with significant traction: 4000 Euros
 Vitrectomy for the removal of preretinal traction membranes causing complicated retinal detachment: 5200 Euros
 Macular Translocation Surgery for Age Related Macular Degeneration: 6500 Euros
 Additional Charges for lens removal and intraocular lens insertion in conjunction with any of he above procedures: 1500 Euros
 Femto-LASIK, one eye: 3200-3500 Euros, both eyes: 5500-6000 Euros
 LASIK: 2600-3200 depending on technique
 PRK/LASEK/EPI-LASIK: 2300-2800 Euros
 Astigmatic Keratectomy using Femto-Laser: 1800 Euros
 Astigmatic Keratectomy: 1300 Euros
 phakic intraocular lens (depending on lens model): 3000-4000 Euros
 Exchange of refractive lens (standard lens): 2400 -2700 Euros
 Implant of ReSTOR multifocal lens: 3000-3500 Euros
 Implant of toric intraocular lens: 3200-4000 Euros
 UV Riboflavin Crosslinking Keratoconus: 1100 Euros
 Eye lid plastics: 2000 Euros
 Cornea transplants: 3500 - 5500 Euros depending on individual case
 Photodynamic therapy: from 2800 EUR per session including fluorescence angiogram, often only one or two sessions will be necessary - alternatively acupuncture sometimes is helpful with cases of macula degeneration - please click on item in left menu for more details
 Strabism: 1000 Euros
 If you are a patient or acting on behalf of a patient and wish to contact us please use this Email