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Sterilisation Reversal in Germany
 Sterilisation Reversal in Germany
 If you consider a sterilisation reversal, we can arrange this in various places in Germany. Please be aware that not many gynaecologists in Germany will do this operation regularly following the decision of German public insurance institutions not to reimburse the costs. German Medicine Net has, however, identified a number of qualified surgeons who still do this regularly. This is what you should know:
 Costs: 3500 EUR plus hotel
 Age limit: 40 years, after that age most surgeons will not do it due to the relatively low chances of women becoming pregnant at that age
 Length of Stay:about 3 days
 Success Chances 30-50 percent
 Sterilisation due to Medical Decision after three Caesarians: In some cases sterilisations surgeons will sterilise women or advise their sterilisation when these women have three Caesarians. This is based on the idea that after three Caesarians there is an increased risk of womb rupture in additional pregnancies in these cases. There are, however, different medical opinions regarding this issue. We work with some surgeons who will not refuse to do a sterilisation reversal solely based on the criteria of three previous Caesarians.
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