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Price Comparison Spinal Surgery
Spinal and Brain Surgery Abroad in Hospital in Germany
 Prices for the Some Frequent Spinal and Brain Operations
 The following prices are presented to give you a clear and (almost) definite idea of the costs you would be facing if you decide to have an operation or other medical treatment done in Germany. They are based on the assumption that there will be no serious complications and that there are no serious risk factors involved (e.g. extreme obesity, underlying other diseases, very old age etc.) that might create additional potentially costly challenges for the German doctors and hospitals. Prices do include our organisational fees, but they do not cover travel expenses, costs for hotels, costs for hiring translators etc. Please note that not all of our German partners will be able to offer these prices, which is why all price quotations should be regarded as "starting from". If you decide to go to one particular hospital, we will first confirm for you if it is able to perform the required procedure at the quoted price.
 This price list is currently under preparation. Further quotes will be available shortly.
 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In order to preassess cases and provide realistic quotes for patients from abroad, the neurosurgeons in our partner hospitals require recent MRI scans (or CT scans if MRI cannot be done due to heart or similar conditions)
 Spinal Surgery (Mostly Day Case Procedures)
 Lumbar and Ventral Spine:
 Dynamic Dorsal Fusion (using DIAM system - Medtronic - for stenosis of spinal channel and spondylolisthesis grade I and II) from 5200 Euros
 Nucleotomy of Lumbar Spine: from 3400 Euros
 Ventral Discectomy (Slipped Disc in neck area) - using CAGE system: from 3400 Euros
 Ventral Discectomy (Slipped Disc in neck area) - using dynamic Prestige system: from 5400 Euros
 Microsurgical discetectomy: from 13.500 Euros
 Posterior instrumentation lumbar spine (multiple level): from 23.500 Euros
 Anterior interbody fusion lumbar spine (one level): from 10.500 Euros
 Anterior interbody fusion lumbar spine (multiple level): from 14.500 Euros
 Cervical Spine
 Disk Replacement using Prestige Prosthesis: from 13.000 Euros
 Laminoplasty cervical spine: from 17.500 Euros
 Anterior fusion cervical spine (one level): from 18.000 Euros
 Anterior fusion cervical spine (multiple level): from 20.000 Euros
 Posterior instrumentation cervical spine: from 22.500 Euros
 Alternative Option for many cases of back pains: Neural Therapy, Course of 10 sessions spread over 5 weeks (can often help to become completely free of symptoms or have symptoms drastically reduced): from 1000 EUR
 Spine Deformity Surgery (Scoliosis)
 Anterior scoliosis surgery (Halm-Zielke Instrumentation): from 42.500 Euros
 Posterior scoliosis surgery (MPDS): from 40.500 Euros
 Combined anterior and posterior scoliosis surgery: from 62.500 Euros
 Other procedures
 Decompression of spinal disks:from 5500 Euros to about 10.000 Euros(if pins are used)
 Nucleoplasty: 6000 Euros
 Brachial Plexus Palsy Operations(for Infants): from 6000 EUR
 If you are a patient or acting on behalf of a patient and wish to contact us please use this Email