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Rehab after Joint Operations
Price Comparison Orthopaedic Surgery
Bilateral Knee Replacement
Hip and Knee Surgery Abroad In Orthopaedic Hospital in Germany
 Prices for the Most Frequent Orthopaedic Operations
 Disclaimer: The following prices are presented to give you a clear and (almost) definite idea of the costs you would be facing if you decide to have an operation or other medical treatment done in Germany. They are based on the assumption that there will be no serious complications and that there are no serious risk factors involved (e.g. extreme obesity, underlying other diseases, very old age etc.) that might create additional potentially costly challenges for the German doctors and hospitals. Prices do include our organisational fees, but they do not cover travel expenses, costs for hotels, costs for hiring translators etc. Please note that not all of our German partners will be able to offer these prices, which is why all price quotations should be regarded as "starting from". If you decide to go to one particular hospital, we will first confirm for you if it is able to perform the required procedure at the quoted price.
 This price list is currently under preparation. Further quotes will be available shortly.
 Hip Surgery
 Hip Replacement: from 8000 EUR
 Hip Replacement for younger people using very high quality prosthesis to last (in many cases) many decades or a lifetime: 8800 EUR
 Hip Resurfacing (New Form of Hip Replacement conserving most of thigh bone - suitable for younger people in particular): 9000 EUR
 Minimum-Invasive Hip Operation: 8800 Euros
 Revision Hip Operation in top orthopaedic facility: 12000 EUR
 Girdlestone hip special surgery (stable arthroplasty - this operation will allow persons not eligible for revision operations due to re-infection risk etc. to walk fairly well using a stick and orthopaedic shoes): prices to be available shortly
 Post-Op Rehab after Hip Replacement (10 days): from 1000 EUR
 Alternative Option: Neural Therapy, Course of 10 sessions spread over 5 weeks (can often help to become completely pain-free or have pain drastically reduced for many years): from 1000 EUR
 Knee Surgery
 Total Knee Replacement: 9200 EUR
 Post-Op Rehab after Knee Replacement (10 additional days after the standard period of 12-14 days which already includes regular rehab and is usually sufficient): 1500 EUR
 Knee Revision Surgery: 12500 EUR
 Partial Knee Replacement: 7200 EUR
 Bilateral Knee Replacement: 16000 EUR
 Alternative Option: Neural Therapy, Course of 10 sessions spread over 5 weeks (can often help to become completely pain-free or have pain drastically reduced for many years): from 1200 EUR
 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair (ACL): 4400 EUR (day case) - 5500 Euros (including up to 6 days of inpatient stay), revision operation: 6200 Euros (including up to 8 days of inpatient stay)
 Meniscus Replacement: new option in cases of irreparable meniscus damage - 7000 Euros (For further details about this operation please click here )
 Other Related Services
 Additional fee for single room: from 80 EUR per day
 Additional fee for spouse or other accompanying person staying in same room including meals: 120 EUR per day + 80 Euros single room fee per day
 What do prices for joint replacement surgery include?
 usually a hospital stay of 13-14 days, longer if required due to delayed recovery
 daily physiotherapy, often several times per day
 all meals
 all diagnostic procedures before and after the operation
 all medications
 phone at bed
 TV in room with at least one English language program
 high quality prostheses - brands include: WALDEMAR LINK - various types; DEPUY - various types; AESCULAP - Bicontact, Endurance, Plasmacap etc.
 For further details about hip operations please click here
 Epicondylitis (Wilhelm) with denervation: 1050 EUR
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS): 1020 EUR
 Dupuytren's contracture: 1111 - 1700 EUR
 Supinatorlogen Syndrom: 1250 EUR
 Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: 1020 EUR
 Tendovaginitis stenosans (Morbus de Quervain):810 EUR
 ARTHROSCOPIES (Arthrosendoscopies)
 Ankle joint: 1800 EUR
 Elbow: 1800 EUR
 Knee: 1550 EUR
 Menisectomy: 1550 EUR
 Shoulder: 1800 EUR
 Subtalar joint: 1800 EUR
 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair (ACL): 4200 EUR including 3 days of hospital stay
 Hallux valgus (BUNION): 1550 EUR
 Hammer Toe/Stiff Toe: 820 EUR
 Ledderhose's Disease: 1100 EUR
 Syndesmoplasty: 850-1420 EUR
 Ankle Joint Replacement: 7800 EUR (including 8 days in hospital)
 Fusion of Ankle Joint: 6400 EUR (including 10 days in hospital)
 Finger or Toe Endoprosthesis: 4700 EUR (including 4 days in hospital)
 Shoulder Total Endoprosthesis: 11.400 EUR (including 10 days in hospital)
 Shoulder Partial Endoprosthesis: 9800 EUR (including 10 days in hospital)
 Prostheses and Ortheses
 leg orthesis for people with post polio syndrome: 3600-4200 EUR
 same from ultralight carbon fibres: 6200 EUR
 Scoliosis Treatment
 Conservative treatment with advanced technical and physiotherapeutical methods can be effective even in cases with very advanced scoliosis often avoiding risky surgery:
 light or ultralight corsets:from 3000 EUR
 4 weeks of physiotherapy and learning exercises in German rehab facility: 3000-4500 Euros
 Spinal Surgery
 Dynesys surgery:from 8000 EUR
 Neural Therapy: - causal approach to various painful conditions ranging from minor complaints to chronic osteoarthritis pains. It is estimated that between 30 and 50% of hip and knee operations might be avoided if sufferers underwent a good course of neural therapy. Involves injections of very small doses of local anaesthetic under the skin into or close to certain nerve endings. Practically no side effects. Frequently surprisingly helpful. Usually just one course of neural therapy is required costing about 1500 Euros and involving 5 to 10 sessions spread out over 3-5 weeks. Accomodation in hotel or pension etc. not included.
 Rolfing: Massage Therapy developed by Ida Rolf. Works on deeper tissue levels, muscles and fascia. Frequently brings permanent relief of severe pains (like back pains, sciatica etc.). Usually series of 10 sessions (just 3 for young children). Costs: between 80 and 150 Euros per session + Accomodation etc. over 5 weeks
 All Prices Payable in Euros, other currency quotes subject to exchange rates
 If you are a patient or acting on behalf of a patient and wish to contact us please use this Email