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Product Overview
Intrauterine Device OMEGA
Insemination Catheter
Insemination Catheter STRAIGHT
Frydman Catheter
Endometric Biopsy Set
Egg Cell Uptake Set
Intracervical Insemination Pessary
Extracervical Insemination Pessary
HSG Catheter
Hysterosalpingography Set
Artificial Amniotic Fluid Transfusion Set
Craft Catheter
Embryo Transfer Set
Ordering and Prices
EPIDURAL ANAESTHESIA SET smallMedical Products GynaecologyMedical Products Gynaecology
 Medical Products Gynaecology
 Acting as authorised distributor for the UK and Germany for the Elite Product Range (manufactured in Poland by the leading Polish producer of medical products), German Medicine Net presents a range of products for use in various specialties. Please click on the respective items in the menu on the left hand side to view technical details of individual products.
 Please contact us by email if you are interested in buying any of the products presented mentioning the product reference or the product group or groups (medical specialties) you might be interested in: